Oscar Alves

Oscar Alves was born in Oporto, studied drawing, painting and sculpture, with Maria Luisa Carneiro and Oldemiro Ram while he entered the Superior School of Fine Arts. Was assiduous collaborator of one of the most important intellectual magazines of the time, “Bandarra” directed by Antonio Navarro.

Newly arrived from Paris, Luis Eduardo painter was his future great friend that marked him a major influence on his work.

After Oporto and in search of new experiences, Óscar Alves left to Lisbon. Almost immediately exposes in the National Fine Arts Society, under the applause of Almada and Jorge Barradas and the total critical acclaim; a phase of his work that mixed sculpture, ceramics and painting.

With the poetess Natalia Correia held the National Society of Fine Arts a controversial surrealist poetry show.

His works were exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.

For RTP (Portuguese TV) wrote the ballet “The Prisoner” danced by Vera Varela Cid and Michel Lazrah.

In 1980 the artist decided to settle in Madrid where, for two years held sculpture exhibition presenting for the first time a new technique and new materials.

In 1985 he returned to Lisbon invited by RTP, to direct for a year a program of Fine Arts. A couple of years later went to Madrid towards the Spanish TV, to film the last major retrospective about the work of Salvador Dalí, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Madrid.
After that moved definitely to Lisbon where his career as a painter had great rise.

In 1990 one of his paintings “Two Moons” was sold at Christie’s London.

In 1993 returned to Madrid to exhibit next to the twelve most important Spanish painters.

In September 1995, Christie’s New York auctioned a painting of him titled “Ite Missa Est”.

He became an artist with a remarkable exhibition route, exposing in the most renowned places associated to painting and art on the Iberian Peninsula.

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