Art as a Global Concept

In May of 2009, at no. 30, Misericórdia street in Lisbon, Allarts Gallery opened its first exhibition room.

Located at the Chiado and Bairro Alto areas, Allarts Gallery was created with the purpose of encouraging and promoting contemporary figurative art, supporting new talents of all ages, nationalities, origins and artistic expressions and aiding with their access to the “Art World”.

That goal comprised the challenge of showcasing, in a modern, intimate and unpretentious space, a collection of artworks aimed at emerging segments of art buyers: from young buyers with limited budgets to private specific collectors and tourists just passing through Lisbon.

Thus, Allarts Gallery, intended to help give a broader meaning to the term “Art”, in the sense of making it less austere and inhibiting, more relaxed and, most of all, more accessible to the public.

In its innovative way of operating and promoting, Allarts Gallery showcases regular exhibitions, both individual and group shows, focusing on small to medium sized works, and whose selection criteria is based on the positive appreciation of the artworks presented and the artistic potential of the author.

The very diversified group of artists, both portuguese and foreign, that cross their paths at Allarts Gallery, allow for interesting comparative appreciations and analysis of the works on display or in the gallery’s collection, since its authors come from different locations, with differing cultural contexts and personal experiences which lead to distinct and very personal approaches regarding subjects and aesthetics.

Allarts Gallery has a catalogued collection of over 300 artworks, on continuous display in a modern, user friendly, digital platform that works as a global and permanent virtual gallery, supported in a CRM tool to manage personalized and direct contact with our clients.

The concept devised for Chiado was successful and so, considering specific site and public adjustments, Allarts Gallery opened a second store in the renowned Cidadela de Cascais - Art District and, in 2018, a third one at São Bento street, no. 366 in Lisbon.

Keeping to its conceptual inception and relying on the credibility and recognition that the Allarts Gallery brand has acquired in the market, the brand branched into three different areas of activity that relate and complement each other: Art & Design (Lisbon / Chiado), Decor & Lifestyle (Cidadela / Cascais) and Antiques & Concept Store (S. Bento / Lisbon).