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Antique and Vintage Wood Items
mid 19th century - meados do séc. XIX
Box in various woods and bronze handles. With a label that indicates "Palais Royal nº131, Taulin, Ft. de Necessaires, tient la cutellerie fine, Paris", corresponding to the Maison Taulin, located in the highly regarded Galleries of the Palais Royal, this establishment being recognized for its luxury utilitarian pieces, such as desk sets, coffrets and toiletries necessaires, among others. These galleries, created in the 18th century by the royal family of Orleans, were considered the epitome of luxury, where the upper classes acquired a vast variety of products of the highest quality and refinement and which the middle class visited in an almost aspirational way. Among the establishments present on site, Maison Taulin was recognized both for its excellent and delicate products and for its clientele, and it could even be said that it rivaled houses such as Tahan and Vervelle.
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Large Napoleon III box - Grande caixa Napoleão III
Large Napoleon III box - Grande caixa Napoleão III