LISBON GALLERY (CHIADO) NAÏF - International Painting Exhibition

Alain Carron
Alain Donnat
Carole B Perret
Cesare Novi
Tito Lucaveche
Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier
Start date
September 20, 2023
End date
December 02, 2023

In this exhibition, Allarts Gallery presents a set of works by several artists from different countries who fall within the Naïf current. This Art it is generally characterized by an apparent simplicity and by the freedom of the author in relating and separating, as he well pleases, formal elements such as the inexistence of perspective, the unregulated composition, the unreality of the facts or the application shockingly colored palettes. Naïf Art also expresses a general sense of joy, happiness, spontaneity, and complex imaginary, and the mixture of these elements often results in an apparently unbalanced, but extremely suggestive form of beauty.