LISBON GALLERY Ensaios para Piano - Joana Arez Painting Exhibition in honor to Bernardo Sassetti

Joana Arez
Start date
November 11, 2021
End date
December 04, 2021

We arrived at this exhibition, coming from nowhere, on a day that could be cold and foggy; but no, we are always under a radiant sun to hear Joana Arez’s paintings play the prodigious music of Bernardo Sassetti.

When thought ceases to exist, the piano remains. Joana Arez’s pianos. And that’s what I’m writing about, about her adventure around the pianos as a gesture of homage to Bernardo Sassetti. It had been a long time since I was surprised like this.

There are no shortcuts to learning to play Joana’s pianos. There are also no deviations from the soundscapes of Sassetti who plays Joana’s keys up close. It is always the farewell rehearsals to the musician that inspire the artist, as if to perpetuate the instrument so that both remain alive. This is the time.

These pianos are rare, capable of representing an interrupted narrative as a reinforcement of the idea of ​​solitude, which vanishes through the unfinished keys, in a strategy of provocation based on the irrelevance of the representation of form.

Joana Arez knows that we are living in the days of a new time. That’s why it plays so well on these keys, sometimes with color.

Perfect harmony. Spread the word.