CASCAIS GALLERY Inez Wijnhorst Painting Exhibition

Inez Wijnhorst
Start date
September 22, 2022
End date
December 10, 2022

Parting from both sides, the bridge is made through mutual recognition, and aims for a common center where all differences will dissolve. Michelangelo created this magical point, as he painted the stretched arms of God and Adam, reaching out for each other. And by doing so, he suggests the possibility of their fingers slightly touching, making a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Where does or our attention go? To God? Far away, in the sky, sitting on a cloud made of thoughts and held by angels as not to fall? Or do we look at Man? Stuck on earth, seemingly not having the will to make a big effort to get up and touch the hand of God. Or maybe, we are looking at the empty space between their fingers? The invisible and intangible center, a space for dialogue between the two. It is a powerful moment where we almost feel a spark. This void, however, is illusory. God and Man are not seperated. The painting is all made of the same substance. Observing closely the space between the fingers is as full of paint as their painted hands.

The river itself will bridge the gap
between the mountain and the sea.
revolving journey suggesting distance
between head and heart and you and me.
It was all a mere illusion, we found out in the end,
apparent separation… only by a painted hand!
the left hand didn’t reckon,
what the right was doing then
Nor that god was on his cloud
reaching out for mortal man.
yet, together held in prayer
we found at our surprise
left or right, it does not matter,
are as One in paradise.
Where the muze amazed with wonders well,
and the maze amused with time to tell
they sea it clear, they feel it deep,
when water mirrors clouds on top
reflections from above
and finds the ocean in a drop,
that all is made of love.