LISBON GALLERY "Color Simphony" Halla Chaparro Painting Exhibition

Halla Chaparro
Start date
September 19, 2019
End date
October 12, 2019

Color Simphony expo is an eclectic sample of Halla’s continual search for beauty and emotional expression through color and form, that she has produced in her lifelong travels around the world. Art has dramatically changed during her life, with abstract expressionism blooming as a privileged way to express her perception of beauty and the infinite pallet of her human emotions, feelings and ideas. Halla sees as her basic language, color, and the challenge in her artistic creation is to explore color, light and form to create symphonies of expression. Lisbon, where Halla lived four years, changed her perception of the interplay between light and color, and is a perfect setting for her Color Simphony expo.