Christine Haslé

Christine Haslé was born in the city of Nice in 1948, and now lives in the South of France.

She is a self-taught painter who only discovered her calling in 1990. With an extremely rich imaginary and a surreal expression on thematic approaches, she learned and prepared her own technique intensively, frequently mixing oil with gold and silver leaf, creating fine contrasts and extremely interesting shifts of light.

Her first expositions only occurred in 1999, but since then she has engaged in numerous collective and individual shows.

She is present in various galleries in France, such as “Naifs du Monde Entier” in Paris, “Jaqueline Bricard” in Lourmarin, “Olivier Art” in Nancy, “Pigments et Matières” in Pont Aven, and she is now in Portugal with the Allarts Gallery.
Christine Haslé has artworks exposed in the “Museu International d’Art Naïf” in Vicq (France) and in the “Museu de La Tour Carrée” in St. Maxime (França). Her biography was published in the book “L’Europe et les Naïfs” – Jacqueline Bricard Edition / 2009.

Unfortunatly, Christine passed away on March 2015 and we all miss her!

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