Waldomiro Sant'Anna

Waldomiro Sant’Anna was born in the interior of S. Paulo, Brazil. He attended the Fine Arts Faculty in that city.
He is a figurative painter who works his canvas with profound intensity of expression, sometimes heavy or even dramatic. His artwork is related to musical and nocturnal environments… in same cases; it shows “Fado” illustrations.

In 1971, with only 19 he had his first individual exhibition at the XI Zequinha de Abreu Festival in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro.
Since then, including collective and individual shows, art saloons, he has accounted for almost a hundred presences, of which we highlight the following individual exhibitions: Black Strean Hotel, Ribeirão Preto – 1977; Sesc, São Paulo-1977; Automóvel Clube Paulista – São Paulo – 1979; Itaugaleria-Ribeirão Preto -1981 and 1987; Jardim Contemporâneo Gallery, Ribeirão Preto – 1985; Portal Gallery -São Paulo – 1994; Citbank, São Paulo – 1994; Art Gallery Caribé, São Paulo – 1997; Ribeirão Preto Art Museum -1998; Banco Nacional de Paris, São Paulo – 2002; Hotel Forte São Francisco, Chaves, Portugal-2004.

His works soon deserved the critics and collectors recognition, receiving many distinctions, the most noted; Honourable Mention at the Bienal Nacional de Arte – 1976; 1st Prize at the 3rd International Art Saloon, Vila Maria, São Paulo – 1978; Gold Medal at the Araraquara Art Saloon – 1981; Acquisition Prize at the 3rd and 8th Ribeirão Preto Art Saloons – 1978 and 1983; Prize Paleta Internacional Brasil-Extremo Oriente – 1986; Bienal Nacional de Artes de Jundiaí – 1998; Prize Artexpo awarded by the public, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

He was the artist chosen to be represented in the 2004 BASF Calendar and his biography and work are mentioned in several publications, namely, the Art Book – Julio Louzada, the Brazilian Art Book (volume I and IV), the “Ten Figurative Brazilian Artists”- Publisher Decor-Paulo Klein and the Brazilian Artists/BNP Paribas-Enok Sacramento.

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