Cláudia Deleau

Cláudia Deleau from French descendant, lived a few years in France, but today she resides in Buenos Aires.
Graduated in Visual Arts by “Prilidiano Pueyrredón Fine Arts National School”, she was a Painting and Drawing Teacher but nowadays she is working as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Since 1984, she has dedicated herself to oil painting miniatures. Her challenge has been to consecutively search and explore, until a possible extent, the reduction of the paintings’ size, maintaining the composition balance, the objects definition, colour, form and shadows which are usually achieved in conventional formats.

In unique oil on wood technique, her paintings, whether be human figures, interiors, landscapes or dead natures, with only 2,5cm x 4,5cm, show an impressive clearness and the same naturalist and texture of works executed in normal sizes.

The art of miniature is not common and few are the artists who achieve Cláudia Deleau’s level of quality and recognition.

She has participated in many collective exhibitions in several South American and European countries, obtaining in 2004 the 2nd Painting Prize at the “Salón Pequeño Formato”, organized by the Arte Braque Gallery, as many other distinctions and honourable mentions in other events.

Her works are held in many private and public collections in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Canada, United States, Spain, France and Portugal.

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