Sema Çulam

Sema Çulam Sema Çulam was born in Istanbul, Turkey.
She started her artistic career in her early years, while she attended Secondary School, working on oil painting.
From 1978 to 1979, she worked in the Izmir-Buca Education Institute and attended painting classes with the artists Cavit Atmaca and Şeref Bigali.
From 1979 to 2000 she did abstract figurative painting. Then she thought about her career and her most inner intuitions and decided to paint in an Art Naïf context. As she refers, “painting is as necessary in life as the water we drink and the air we bread”. Her most beautiful paintings’ themes are influenced by Culture and History which surrounds and enchants her.
She is a member of the International Art Association, UNESCO A.I.A.P, and has countless works spread out several public and private collections in her country and abroad: Japan, France, Germany, USA, Spain, Serbia and Portugal.
Her Curriculum includes about 30 individual and collective exhibitions, highlighting, in 2005, the Prize Certificado de Honra na Bienal de Arte Nacional Mikro-Kredi, in 2000, the 1st Prize Naïf Painting National Competition in Turkey, and in 1993 the 2nd Prize at the painting Show “Turkey Woman’s Unity“.
Her work is held at the “Naïf and Marginal Art Museum– Jagodina, Serbia, at the “Midan Art Naïf International Museum”– Vicq, France and at the “Izmir Museum”, Turkey.

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