Ada Breedveld

Ada Breedveld was born in The Netherlands, in Dordrecht and brought up in Rotterdam. She has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 1983.
Ada is a self-taught artist. Since childhood, it has been her lifelong aspiration to become an artist. Perseverance paid off and her work is now recognized in the world of Art Naïf.
“Life itself has been my university” she says.

Ada has developed her own typical style and theme, “the imposing presence of fat and tender women” which are appreciated among collectors. The prominent figure in Ada’s work is large, imposing, fat women with love for the finer things in life. The glowing jewel-like colours and themes of her paintings reflect a true celebration of life, described by the artist as “Plastic Realism”.

Ada Breedveld is fascinated and inspired by Surrealism, a trend in art where the subjects are not represented by their outward physical appearance but rather through the fantasy that arises from deep inside us.

She started to participate in exhibitions in the 70s, in Rotterdam and since then she has never stopped participating in countless collective exhibitions, producing a colourful stream of artwork, paintings, graphics, bronze and etchings from her studio on a quiet corner of the Prinseneiland in Amsterdam.
Nowadays her work is spread all over the world.

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