Cesare Marchesini

Cesare Marchesini was born in Monza, in 1939, but lives in Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy.
He began dedicating himself to painting in 1968, and has since then participated in some of the most important exhibits of contemporary and naïf art in Europe.
His works depict landscapes in a singular way, outlining with a fine trace and an interesting color palette the essential elements of each of his compositions. They are real landscapes that the painter has witnessed and recalls in his imagination, recreating them as the paradise where he would like to live, far from the frenetic rhythm of everyday life, and he transports to the canvas his sensorial and emotional impressions in unparallel displays of great aesthetic beauty.
He has accomplished several individual exhibits throughout Italy and has participated in collective exhibits in almost every European and North-American country. He was also awarded several prizes, such as the Varenna Prize and the Antoniano di Bologna Prize, in 1993, and the Europe Prize in Morges, Switzerland.
Cesare Marchesini has pieces displayed in the Musée d’Art in Vicq, France, in the Museo d’Arte Naif in Lauro, Switzerland, and in the Museu d’Arte Moderna in Stia, Italy, as well as a strong presence in various individual and institutional collections throughout Europe.

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