Joana Arez

Joana Arez was born in Lisbon in 1970.

In 1991 she graduated in Graphic Design at IADE, Creative University, Lisbon. Her professional career goes through multinational Advertising Agencies, first as an intern at McCann and then progressing very quickly in her career, successively being Art Director at TBWA; Creative and Executive Director at Saatchi&Saatchi, and finally, until 2011, at Publicis. Never leaving advertising and graphic design / art direction, that year she decided to give herself over to the fine arts. The painting.
From 2012 to 2020 Joana Arez had a space / studio at Cidadela Art District / Cascais, where she sometimes presented her own work and invited other Artists to exhibit.

“Since I can remember I have drawn, painted and gave what I created, from charcoal portraits to figurative watercolors. Today I see myself and present myself far from the fragility of the pencil and the lightness of the brush. I exchanged them for the sharp-point pen and the strength of the metal spatula with a wooden handle"

Solo Exhibitions

2019: “Equilibrium”, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); “8 Pianos”, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); “The Mad Shoes”, Alegria Vádia Space (Monte Estoril). 2018: “The Mad Shoes”, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); 2017: “8 Pianos”, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); “Ensaios Para Pianos”, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); “The Play List”, [CINCO] Cidadela Art District (Cascais). 2016: “Nas Entre-Linhas”, National Railway Museum, (Entroncamento); ”O Decompor da Construção”, Margarida de Araújo Gallery(Serpa). 2015: “Urban Heart”, [CINCO] GALLERY, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); “Urban Heart II”, Quartel Gallery(Abrantes); “NotBook”, Cidadela Art District (Cascais); “Landscape” Cidadela Art District (Cascais). 2014: “Palavras & Pianos”, AMIArt (Oporto). 2013: “Nas Tuas Palavras”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais). 2012: “About Love”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Love As Urban Art”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Pianos”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais).

Collective Exhibitions

2020: “ARTf3” / 6th edition, International Contemporary Art Salon, Congress Palace of Porte de Versailles (Paris); “O meu lado fiminino” Dionísio Pinheiro e Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation (Águeda). 2017: “Ao Amor e à Terra”, São Martinho do Porto, Clube Náutico Gallery (Portugal). 2015: “ARTIS ‘15”, Casino Estoril Gallery (Estoril). 2014: “Colectiva LM”, LM.Gallery (Sintra). 2013: “Do Gozo Da Cor”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Mercado da vila”, (Cascais); “Pentimenti”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “BW&WIGHT”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “In Beauty We’ll Trust”, Sculpture Factory (Sintra). 2012: “Arsénio Emoções”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “My Pocket Universe”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Face It”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Breathing”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Desenhos”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais); “Dropped Out”, Work.Ink_Art (Cascais);

Her work is represented in the Collections: AMIArt_Portugal and Atlantic Center of the Arts, Florida, USA. In addition to Private Collections, all over the world.

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