Yves Bonnier

Born in 1953 near Saint Etienne, Yves Bonnier has shown interest in drawing since his childhood. In a natural way his interest passed into the universe of color through pastel, oil paint and acrylic.
His works emanate a sense of serenity, maybe the consequence of his familiar roots from the deep rural France.

Originally his work is figurative but in a way it is more inspiring than demanding.

He attended Gilbert Pauli’s classes in Geneva where he learned to simplify his work by showing only his essentials. Marie Desaulles introduced him to the world of fantasy which later proved to be the base of his work.

Between figurative and abstract, its paintings evoke earth, skies and water… through large spatulas he extends the material in elaborated juxtapositions and overlays.

His characters, mostly females, are represented in a very close style. The artist uses a reduced palette of colors but wide spectrum of characteristics.

In 2013, he created his own art gallery in an industrial complex in Geneva, Genev’Artspace and where he held and hosted several exhibitions as well as the annual street art event “Ride the Wall” which had a great success.

Some of his exhibitions:

Galerie Tox n Co in Geneva – 2013
Genev’art Space in Geneva – 2014 / 2015
Notre Dame Dijon’s Gallery in September 2017 – with Jean Bonnin
Céu Terra Mar’s Gallery in Lisbon in November and December 2017 – with Jean Bonnin
Permanent exhibition in D&C’s Gallery in Marrakesh

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