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Travelling exhibition
Creative ideas around a hand~

Giving someone a hand is helping them out. A hand is also used to greet someone or to wave, which makes it a symbol of friendly gestures.
A selection of Belgian graphic artists made an illustration in the form of a hand, on the theme ‘friendship’. These designs are part of a travelling exhibition, which started in Antwerp in 2017 and went on to Havana (Cuba), Lisbon (Portugal), Namur (Belgium) and many other cities.

The story
The most unique cities in the world are founded upon a myth, and Antwerp is no exception.

The legend says that, to cross the Scheldt River, it was necessary to pay a toll to a fearsome giant named Druon Antigoon. Whenever sailors refused to pay the toll, the giant punished them by cutting off their hand.
A brave soldier slayed the giant, cut off his hand, and tossed it into the Scheldt River. That was how the name of the city ‘hand werpen’ (Antwerp) came to be, which in dutch means ‘hand thrown’.

And so, the ‘hand’ has become the symbol of Antwerp!

Public design contest

Antwerpen Koekenstad takes us to the world of cookies and chocolate through two tasting tours (Antwerp Chocolate Week and AntwerpPateekes Week), various exhibitions and the ‘Antwerpse Handjes’ (Little Hands from Antwerp) illustration contest. These are well known local treats: cookies or chocolates in the shape of hands, stuffed with marzipan or praliné.
Any person over 16 years old and passionate about illustration and design can apply. The best projects are selected and presented on posters throughout the city.
The winning illustration is also exclusively printed on the city ́s cookie boxes.

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