Teresa Viotti

Teresa Viotti was born in Lisbon and currently lives in Cascais, where her studio is also located.

She attended the António Arroio Arts School and graduated in Graphic Design at the Institute of Art, Design and Enterprise (IADE).

She founded a design company – QUALIDEIA and joined the design team responsible for EXPO 98 where she was in charge of Mascot GIL and for the graphic development that has lasted strong until today with the GIL FOUNDATION.

Her interest for the fashion world led her to create the brand BAGme, of customized wallets with her own paintings.

In 2012, she was invited by TOPÁZIO Silver Stories to develop a designer line of jewellery.

However her great passion has been painting, which has always accompanied her. The portrait and the human figure are the common characteristics of her work.

In 2014 she travelled to Florence to take a course in classical painting combined with new techniques.

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