Alain Donnat

Alain Donnat was born in 1947 in Neustadt.
He follows various occupations and, in the eighties, becomes director of a design company.
After a serious accident he decided to leave the business world to devote himself to Naïf painting his passion of always.

Encouraged by Jacqueline Bricard, one of the best specialist in Naïf Art, Alain Donnat start exposing, in many French and foreign Galleries: Monique Gendre – Galerie Victor Hugo, Saintes; Amalia de Cordoba – Galeria Eboli, Madrid; Carmen Roglan – Galeria Roglan, Barcelone; J.C. Canfin – Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, New York; Josiane Saint Michel – Galerie La Dame Du Castellet, Castellet; Simine Garib – Galerie le Cameleon, Antibes; Jacqueline Bricard – Galerie Jacqueline B, Lourmarin; Agnès Giraud – Galerie A Mon Seul Desir,Saint-Tropez.

Alain says about himself “If dreaming is Art then I must probably be an artist”, and we couldn’t agree more with Daniel Bernard, writer and art critic, when he completes this thought saying… “It is enough to have a look at his paintings to find the confirmation there… Alain Donnat is not only an artist but also a tender and facetious poet…then let’s not waste our pleasure and just follow him in its dreams!

Alain Donnat participated in several collective expositions, mainly in France and Spain, but it´s very demanded to present his works in solo exhibitions. Since 2001 he achieved around 50 individual expositions at the best Galleries in Europe but also in Brazil and United States.
His works are present at the “Arts et Traditions Populaires Musée”, Humenne, Slovakia and at the “Daubigny Musée”, Auvers S/Oise, France.

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