Carole Perret

Carole Perret was born in Bern, Switzerland. She lives now in Fribourg.
Graduated in Graphic Arts, she worked in advertising illustration until 1990. From then on she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to painting.

She uses, with mastery, the old and unique technique of “tempera” on wood, which was used in the Middle Ages before the introduction of oil. Her painting distinctive qualities are loose, amusing, poetic and irreverent. Her favourite characters are “nuns”, superbly reproduced in a peculiar way with a mixed of angelical and wicked attitude…probably inspired in her religious childhood that was always defined as disobedient, although balanced!

She participated in exhibitions not only has in almost all European countries, but also in Mexico, Japan and United States, being her work held in many institutional and private collections all over the world.

Carole Perret received many awards but we just referrer the ones she got in 2010 /11.
1st Prise from the Jury – Naïf International Art Fair, Brussels-Belgian; 1st Prise Public Choice – 41° Edition of the International Naïf Fair, Verona-Italy; 1st Prise Public Choice – Exhibition «Les Amis d’Artmazia » Normand- France.

Her work includes surrealistic lines and details and her motto is: “It is not the coat that makes the man”

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