Víctor de la Fuente

Víctor de la Fuente was born in Madrid in 1975.
He graduated in Psychology at the Autónoma University of Madrid and completed his Master’s degree in 3D Infography. Such a specialization led him to work for Via Digital in the development of the documentary “Entre el aire y el agua”.
He currently collaborates with various multimedia enterprises and develops his career as a painter and illustrator.

Complex textures with vibrant rays of light and colour sustained from a fertile imaginary of surrealist dreams characterize the singular and transcendent picturesque space of this young painter.

Victor constructs scenarios of impossible dreams and realities with which one relates, as they transmit almost childish emotions that stimulate our subconscious, many times forgotten from wandering and repression. His painting is delicate, well elaborated, developed with no hurry and filled with symbolic messages which one uncovers and decodes in multiple meanings.

Since 1997 he has regularly participated in collective and individual exhibitions in various galleries throughout Spain, but also in Art Fairs such as the “Artesantander”, “Artesevilla” and “Porto Arte” in Portugal.

His works deserves generalized recognition, translated into multiple awards such as the 1st Prize in the “Cómics” Contest of the University of Madrid (1997), the 1st Prize in the “Pintura Joven” Contest of the University of Alicante, the 1st Prize in the “Certame de Jóvenes Creadores” of the Madrid City Council (1998) and the 1st Prize and acquired work at the “Certame Prémio Joven 2005” held by the Foundation of the University of Madrid (2006).

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