Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier

Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier was born in Beaupreau, France, in 1960 and lives in Toulouse since 1987.

As a self-taught artist, she dedicates herself entirely to painting since 1998. She possesses a magical painting style, very peculiar and incomparable in the way she pictures everyday life and the social interactions in the various rural and urban environments that surround her.

In a precise and rigorous stroke, applying color palettes of extraordinary beauty and strong light effects, her works enchant and inspire the observers to dream.

She has accomplished various individual and collective exhibitions in some of the main galleries and cultural centers dedicated to Naïf Art, not only in France but also in Italy, Spain, Israel and Canada, and now also in Portugal with the Allarts Gallery.

The works of Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier are represented in the Naïf Art Museum of Beraut in France and in the Naïf Art Museum of Levizzano, Italy.

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