Cesare Novi

Cesare Novi was born in Massalombarda (Ravenna, Italy) in 1938, but has been living and working in Florence for over 25 years.

It is during his holidays, in his house in Modenese Apennine, in contact with nature, his main source of inspiration, that he works intensively.

He may be considered a naïf painter, although it is interesting to note his refined technicality, that reveals itself on a translucent painting, polished, precise and transparent, his innate naturalism and his spatial construction, that derive from the unforgotten study of geometry as a young man, traces which make Cesare Novi a decidedly modern and singular painter. He is one of those rare artists that is able to transport to the canvas all of his poetic personality, eloquent and communicative at the same time.

He has exhibited individually in Italy, France and Switzerland, and we highlight the event held in the renowned Café de Zavattini in Luzzara (1979), which has much contributed to the revelation of Italian painting. The presentation of his work by David Lajolo, important friend and biographer of the Italian poet Cesare Pavese, much enhanced his propagation.

A growing number of collectors and some of the most acclaimed galleries dispute his pieces, which are rare, seeing as he pursues his career as a lawyer.

During his artistic career, he has been awarded various distinctions, from which we enhance the most recent: 1st Prize at the XXIII International Kasper Competition in Switzerland (1994) with “Les Trois Lansquenets d’or”- best painting of the competition; Gold Medal at the XXXI Exhibit of the National Prize in Naïf Art “Cesane Zavattini”(1998) and the Jury Award Lúcia d’Oro for best painting of the competition in Varenna, (2000).

One of Cesare Novi´s paintings belongs to the collection of the Museo Nazionale delle Arti Naïves Cesare Zavattini in Luzzara and other painting to Musée International d’art Naïf de Magog, Québec – Canada.

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