Maria Rita (Escultora)

Maria Rita was born in 1975 in Minde, Portugal, and felt her “fascination for clay” with only eleven years old. She began her studies in ceramics at ARCO – Center for Arts and Visual Communication (Centro de Artes e Comunicação Visual) in 1995, having concluded her degree in Ceramics and Art History in 1998.

She has developed her work in her own studio, and has participated in various interior design projects.

Her work is diversified using various materials, from porcelain to paper and cardboard, and includes the production of installations of mixed techniques… However, white clay is one of her favourites.From the universe of her modelled clay pieces, the innocent “lolitas”, with their tender eyes and big feet, are unique, and enchant the observer.

2003 – “White Gardens” – Roque Gameiro Gallery
2004 – “Milky” – Santos da Casa
2005 – “Collective Exhibition” in Leiria
2006 – “Lolitas” – Poeira, Lisbon
2007 – “Girls” – Lusitano Hotel, Golegã
2007 – “Framboise” – Pedro and Osório
2009 – “Paper Stories”, “Torres Fórum” Bookstore
2009 – “Tagus Energy” – Instalation / Porcelain sculptures

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