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Lina Serrano's biography

Lina Serrano, born in the Açores, immigrated to Toronto, Canadá with her parents in 1970. Now with both nationalities, she divides her life between Canadá and Portugal. Studied Business Administration at Ryerson Institute. She had struggled to find a creative vehicle to express the emotions and experiences of her life. She found it at age forty-two when she started art classes at the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Toronto.

Lina over the years study the theory and tecnique of various styles of painting, gaining experience with such media as pen and ink, watercolor, oils, acrylics and collage.
As she was exposed to various styles of artistic expression, she refined her heart and soul into her work. Lina explains, “The first brush strokes of each new piece set in motion the drama that I wrestle to resolve”. Her work is characterized by boldness yet mystery, vibrant colors yet subtle shadings, and heartfelt passion.

Most relevant expositions and artistic participations:

2002-2005 Port Credit Art in Marina
2006 Casa do Alentejo, Canada
2007 Casa dos Açores, Canada
2008 City Hall, Toronto, sponsored by Consulado Geral de Portugal
2011 Three 3 Interiors Design
2012 Urban Science Culture Center Portugal
2012-2014 Palace Hotel, Portugal, collaborated with IPO
2013 Consulado Geral de Portugal
2014 LM Galeria de Arte Contemporânea (Luis Madureira)

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