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Allarts Gallery – Concept and Objectives

Allarts Gallery – Lisbon International Gallery of Naïf and Figurative Art - was established in May 2009 and its main goals are: to encourage, enhance and promote the knowledge of Naïf and Figurative Art in Portugal and to show that genuine spontaneous artistic creation is a unique and commanding vision of the world and can generate cultural value to the countries and to their regional micro cultures.

In a prime location area of Lisbon (Chiado), the Gallery offers a space to permanent exhibition of Naïf works in all art expressions. There, visitors can admire Naïf Artists, free and creative minds, recognize the quality of their works, support and encourage them to go on, sharing with us, through their art, the timeless vision of everyday life and the joy of their dreams. Allarts Gallery also hopes to facilitate the entry into this field of talented self-taught artists, from all ages, origins, technical and thematic expressions.

The interest in Naïf Art is increasing around the world and also in Lisbon, an internationally recognized cosmopolitan European City, which cannot ignore this art trend. The growing demand for Naïf Art by interactive travellers and cultural diversified cities, tourists requires Lisbon to have a specialized Naïf and Figurative Gallery, not only because it can be a business opportunity, but also because it generates an additional attractive factor to the community.

So, located in Lisbon´s Rua da Misericórdia 30, between “Chiado” and “Bairro Alto”, we now have Allarts Gallery dealing in the procurement and sale of Naïf and Figurative Art oriented to the market segment of Naïf lovers and collectors.

Our concept aims to have a selection of permanent artists, essentially painters and ceramists, based on the evaluation of the authors CVs and a positive appreciation of the works presented, in small and medium sized formats and at accessible prices. Apart from a group of resident artists, there will be temporary collective exhibitions of Naïf and Figurative Art or individual exhibitions, whenever the author’s work should justify.

Allarts Gallery also offers to their clients, in the shop, a High Definition Audio Visual System which will project images of all artworks available but not on display at that moment. Simultaneously, Allarts Gallery provides a digital promotional and communicational platform in the form of a virtual gallery, with the same designation and intents, www.allartsgallery.com

Allarts Gallery opened on the 22nd of May 2009, expressing its gratitude to all who encouraged this project.

Pedro de Almeida

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