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López Herrera's paintings

Oil on wood, 100x120cm, 2014 Grafite on wood, 100x120cm, 2012 Oil on wood, 122x166cm, 2012 Oil on wood, 104x195 cm, 2012
Contraponto Cosas de la Vida II The City Citizens
Oil on wood, 50x60 cm, 2012 Oil on canvas, 135x135 cm, 2012 Grafite on wood, 100x120 cm, 2012 Grafite on wood, 120x50 cm, 2012
The magicien Memórias That's Life
Mix, 45x25 cm, 2012 Oil on wood, 70x90 cm , 2012 Oil on wood, 80x80, 2011 Oil on canvas, 130x185, 2011
Lighthouse Dreams Cazadora de Sueños Japan
Grafite on wood, 100x120, 2011 Oil on wood, 44x175, 2011 Oil on paper/wood, 55x40, 2010
Flora y Fauna Punto de Llegada Maternidad

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